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16.01.2016 - Prague CZ @ Cross Club
29.01.2016 - Riga Latvia @ Riggajungle
12.03.2016 - Vilnius Lithuania
23.04.2016 - Bratislava SK
29.04.2016 - Kent UK
02.07.2016 - Czech Republic
08.07.2016 - Krakow Poland
27.08.2016 - Toronto Canada
10.09.2016 - Ottawa Canada
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DJ K & Killa Records

DJ K is a newschool Jungle DJ & Producer from Ottawa Canada. Known for his unique mixing of danceable Drum & Bass to tearout Ragga anthems, he became word-famous for his ground-breaking style-defining releases during the Westcoast American Jungle movement in the early 00's through N2O, Big Cat and his label Killa Records. Since 2008 he has been touring Europe and the globe headlining major Jungle, Hardcore, DNB and Breakbeat events. He continues to release music on various labels as well as his own label Killa - known for its straight-forward amenism with quick drops, massive tech basslines Jungle with a DNB feel. Always in the mix, both at live shows and in his highest-acclaimed Killa Podcast - showcasing the newest exclusive tracks, taking elements of oldschool, newschool, precisely cut-up drums and influences from all styles of electronic into one package, from smooth to hard - DJ K is always spinning the freshest sounds before they break and lining them alongside classics. A DJ K tune, remix or performance is original, energetic and introspective - expressed in raw emotion and tells a story of his experience in the underground sample-era music scene of the early 90's into current sounds. (read more)