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25.06.2020 Germany TBA
26.06.2020 Belgium TBA
27.06.2020 Slovakia TBA
XX.07.2020 Almaty Kazakhstan TBA
XX.07.2020 Bishkek Kyrgyzstan TBA
XX.08.2020 Kaliningrad Russia TBA
XX.08.2020 Vilnius Lithuania TBA
XX.08.2020 UK TBA
24.04.2019 Johannesburg South Africa
25.04.2019 Durban South Africa
02.08.2019 Moscow Russia
03.08.2019 Tallinn Estonia
10.08.2019 Boomtown UK
01.09.2019 Ottawa Canada

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Releasing amen anthems since 2000, DJ K has become a household name when it comes to combining jungle, drum & bass, roots, ragga, tech and all the remixes in between. A foundational member of the North American jungle revival of the early 00's, K went on to release dozens of records and toured extensively over the next 20 years, promoting underground jungle mashups and momentous breakbeats - as well as producing the acclaimed Killa Podcast and publishing new music under Killa Records. With one foot in the 90's and an ear to what makes you move, K is constantly innovating while remaining consistent to the original sound of real jungle music.
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